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Correlation Between Preoperative Vein Distensibility With Radiocephalic Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation in Patients With End Stage Renal Disease

Putie Hapsari, Teguh Marfen Djajakusumah, Zacky Fauzie, Muhammad Faiz Ulurrosyad

Introduction: Patients with end stage renal disease require hemodialysis. Radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula is the main choice of vascular access in patients who undergo hemodialysis procedure. Physiological vein distensibility is an important aspect in forming a mature arteriovenous fistula. This study aims to analyze the correlation between preoperative distensibility and arteriovenous fistula maturation.

Method: Data are collected from end stage renal disease patients in Hasan Sadikin Hospital and RA Habibie Hospitals that will go through radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula procedure during the period of October 2018 to February 2019. Vein distension procedure is performed before the operation and maturation is evaluated four to six weeks after the operation. The comparison of preoperative venous distensibility in two different groups of arteriovenous fistula maturation category is analyzed using chi square test model.

Result: This study found that preoperative venous distensibility value affects arteriovenous fistula maturation with a statistical significance (p-value = 0.007), yielding a contingency coefficient of 0.553, and a very strong relation value of 0.782.

Conclusion: Preoperative vein distensibility of more than 30% is predictive of successful arteriovenous maturation.

Keywords: Venous distensibility, AV fistula, predictor

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