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A Rare Case of Congenital Malformations of Left Subclavian Arteriovenous Underwent Surgical Resection

I.G.A.B Krisna Wibawa1* , Ida Bagus Budiarta2 , A A Gede Agung Anom Arie Wiradana3, Allen Anderson Pattipeilohy3, Luh Putu Iin Indrayani Maker3

Background: Arteriovenous malformations (AVM) that occur extra-cranial are less common compared to intracranial lesions. The potential for this expansion of AVM throughout life with soft tissue invasion, bleeding, deformity, and functional deficits has caused much attention in terms of management.

Case: A 9-months-old boy is referred to bleeding due to an infected right shoulder ulcer since the age of 1 month. An angiogram performed previously shows right shoulder AVM. It is clear that excision is an appropriate treatment because the location is easily accessible and there is no extension to the thickened area or neck. Histopathology of the lesion showed a lobulated mass consisting of proliferating veins and arteries of varying sizes, mostly capillary size. The blood vessels were dilated and lined with endothelial cells without any sign of atypia. Part of the lumen of blood vessels contains erythrocytes. The patient has a good prognosis after extensive excision.

Conclusion: Congenital subclavian AVM are extremely rare among those extracranial AVMs, and their treatment can be challenging. Surgical treatment may be needed for patient

Keywords: arteriovenous malformation. Shoulder, extracranial, excision

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